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Show solidarity to those displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Shout out to all businesses! Welcome those arriving in Ireland, from the war in Ukraine, by offering free and discounted offers on quality, new goods and services.

List the details of welcome offer by completing the simple form below. Include your contact or location details and how someone avails of the offer.

We hope to gather information in just one place so easy for someone to find what they need.

I submitted my offer, what happens next?

You can find on our list of company offers by clicking on 'find offer' at the top of the website. If an individual is interested in your offer, they will contact you directly. Please note we are not responsible for any communications between parties.

Why is this important?

So many companies are making offers to support displaced Ukrainians, but the reality is that when they arrive in Ireland they don't know where to find these. This website was created to become the largest database in Ireland for non-financial corporate supports to people displaced by the war in Ukraine.

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